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Welcome to I'm Brian MacIntosh, and I am a game programmer in the Orange County area of Southern California. This site serves to host and distribute some of my games and my blog, below.

I have developed games and apps for the XBox 360, Windows PC, iPad, Amazon Alexa, and Windows 7 Phone. I'm particularly interesting in procedural generation, pixel art, and emergent gameplay, and I'm looking forward to developing more games with these technologies.

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Side-Project of the Week: Randomized Dungeons

October 03rd, 2012 @ 14:55
Tags: random, lizards and labyrinths

This week, my friends Chris and Kevin and I were hanging out late one night. This, of course, led to a number of crazy ideas being bounced around (this, of course, is how most software engineering gets started). I actually decided that one of these crazy ideas might be doable, cool, and useful: a program that procedurally generates tabletop-RPG-style dungeons: monsters, loot, and most importantly, interesting and complex maps. I'm also using the project as an opportunity to learn more about rendering custom controls in a native Windows Forms project.

This is what it looks like, about three days later:

Random dungeon generator screenshot

It can certainly generate some very entertaining map layouts, what with the occasional hallway where the floor is lava.


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