Code and Resources

Icon Machine (HTML5/Javascript)

Web-based pixel art generator. Currently generates: 32px potion icons!

SnakeEx 2D Text Matching (HTML5/Javascript)

SnakeEx is a Regex-like language for matching patterns in 2-dimensional blocks of text.

Raster Line Iterator (C#)

A C# class that provides a way to iterate through spaces intersected by a line in a tile- or pixel-based world.

Tetris for Learning (C++, SDL)

Simple, well-commented Tetris code designed for learning C++. Created for UCI Video Game Development Club workshops.

Music Generation Tech Demo (C++, SDL)

This code attempts to use cellular automata to procedurally generate ongoing musical tracks.

Thunderfish Windows Phone Libs (C#, XNA)

Handy libraries that simplify some common tasks for Windows Phone games, including accelerometer and microphone access and spriting.

Thunderfish Bitmap Font Library (C#, XNA)

This code allows you to draw stylized text using characters drawn from an image in XNA projects.

2D Scene Lighting (C#, XNA)

Simulating 3D geometry in a 2D scene with normal and specular mapping.