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In this punishing arcade-style game, Skullcrusher the pirate must fend off a whole fleet of hostile pirates seeking to board and take his ship. But all of Skullcrusher's weapons and fortunately, his enemies', are stuck to his giant electromagnet. You must shove the pirates off into the ocean before they can do the same to you. Go for the high score, and see how long you can last.

Super Pirate Box was almost completely developed by me during a 48-hour game jam at UC Irvine through the Video Game Development club. The design of the game focused on reducing complexity as much as possible rather than introducing more, and dedicating extra development time to the "polish" phases to give the game a distinct and satisfying look and feel.

The game was developed using the SDL library and OpenGL rendering.


Created by Brian MacIntosh.

SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf libraries
by Sam Lantinga

"The Flying Dingles Twinkles"
music by NGXmusical(NGX)

Font "Liberation Sans Bold"
by Pravin Satpute, Steve Matteson

Sound effects
courtesy of The Game Creators

Game title
Blatantly borrowed from "Super Crate Box"
by Vlambeer

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