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Thunderfish Windows Phone Libs

This library includes three C# classes that were created to aid the rapid development of Windows Phone games. They greatly simplify three common elements of mobile games: accelerometer access, microphone access, and spriting.

The TAccelerometer class provides a wrapper on the existing accelerometer API. It provides simple access to readings and delta values, quick and easy zeroing functionality, and detection for "shake" gestures, functionality that was previously missing.

The TMicrophone class provides easy access to microphone hardware information, toggling between an optional headset and the built-in microphone, instantaneous mic intensity readings, and both timed and arbitrary-length recording. Incomplete code is present for instantaneous frequency readings.

The SpriteSheet class allows easy loading of one-dimensional sprite sheets. The Sprite class creates sprite instances using a loaded sprite sheet and provides such simple functionality as playing and looping (variable speed) and rectangle-rectangle and circle-circle sprite collision. Incomplete code is present for pixel-perfect collision.


This library is provided free of charge for commercial and noncommercial use. No warranty of fitness for any purpose, express or implied, is given.


Accelerometer Class
Microphone Class
Sprite and SpriteSheet Classes

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