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Welcome to I'm Brian MacIntosh, and I am a game programmer in the Orange County area of Southern California. This site serves to host and distribute some of my games and my blog, below.

I have developed games and apps for the XBox 360, Windows PC, iPad, Amazon Alexa, and Windows 7 Phone. I'm particularly interesting in procedural generation, pixel art, and emergent gameplay, and I'm looking forward to developing more games with these technologies.

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Necromasser Release

March 25th, 2017 @ 15:50
Tags: necromasser, threejs, javascript

We just released a new online, in-browser game called Necromasser. Necromasser is an always-on multiplayer world where you try to build the most massive zombie horde to hit the top of the leaderboard. You can play it in your browser right now!

Necromasser Screenshot


Ludum Dare 32 Brainstorming

April 18th, 2015 @ 12:31
Tags: ludum dare, game jam, threejs, javascript, box2d

Brainstorming thought process for Ludum Dare 32: An Unconventional Weapon.

  1. I like airships.
  2. Unconventional airship warfare?
  3. Porcupines.
  4. What's more fun than airships slinging porcupines at each other?
  5. Porcupines flying airships, slinging themselves at each other!

Screenshot of porcupines flying balloons.


Outpost: New World (Ludum Dare 31)

December 29th, 2014 @ 0:28
Tags: outpost new world, ludum dare, game jam, threejs, javascript

Just a few weeks ago, Justin and I participated in the 31st Ludum Dare. The theme: Entire Game On One Screen.

We decided ahead of time that we wanted to make a game that was more action-packed and also more polished than our usual fare. I'm not sure we totally succeeded in overcoming our propensity for making fairly complicated simulation games, but we did manage to make our most polished jam game yet. Play it here!

Outpost: New World

Our past experience with game jams lead us to decide that we wanted to be done with the core game by early afternoon of the second day (sooner than halfway through the jam). We would then use the second half of the jam entirely for polish. While we fell behind on that goal, finished the core game around 6 in the evening of the second day, that still left us the entirety of Sunday for polish. It worked out very well - I was able to put together a very dramatic opening cinematic, a generate a full range of sfxr-generated sound effects, and record some moody cello music (three elements that we usually don't have time for in jams).

While I'm not a huge fan of how the final gameplay turned out, others seem to be enjoying it much more than any of our previous attempts. We'll see what the results show in about 21 hours.


Space Transport Tycoon

August 25th, 2014 @ 11:09
Tags: ludum dare, space transport tycoon, html5, threejs, javascript

And the game is done as of last night. I think this one went well, considering Justin didn't stop playing it for 4 hours after we finished.

It's a space economy simulation game. You the player must build a network of trading routes to move materials to factories and consumers.

Play in your browser!

Space Transport Tycoon

Space Transport Tycoon screenshot


Ludum Dare 30 Go Time

August 23rd, 2014 @ 11:13
Tags: ludum dare, html5, threejs, javascript

Just starting the first real day of coding for the 30th Ludum Dare. I started off this jam thinking of making some kind of simulation game - something where you, in a relatively low-pressure environment, could build up a system or a network and watch it do its work, like SimCity.

Justin and I had a short brainstorming session when the theme - Connected Worlds - was announced. They say to never go with your first idea - however, after considering two-screen tower-defense games, games where dinosaurs are attacking the modern world, games with constellations (I really liked that one and I hope some other people do it), and meeting Kevin Bacon, we eventually went with just that. This will be a game where you build up an interstellar shipping empire, moving goods between planets.

I also wanted to try to make use of multiple windows or views, and that goes well with theme. We're pretty sure we know what we are going to do with them. Early screenshot:

Ludum Dare 30 screenshot


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