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Welcome to I'm Brian MacIntosh, and I am a game programmer in the Orange County area of Southern California. This site serves to host and distribute some of my games and my blog, below.

I have developed games and apps for the XBox 360, Windows PC, iPad, Amazon Alexa, and Windows 7 Phone. I'm particularly interesting in procedural generation, pixel art, and emergent gameplay, and I'm looking forward to developing more games with these technologies.

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Ludum Dare #30 Results

September 17th, 2014 @ 11:48
Tags: ludum dare, space transport tycoon, game jam

Results for the past weeks' Ludum Dare judging are in! While we knew we had made a game that was ill-suited to the judging style of the Ludum Dare, in which people have to play and judge a lot of games in a short time period, there were definitely some who really enjoyed the complexity and took time to learn the game.

Silver MedalCoolness84%

I played some other really cool games while I was judging. Here are a few that I stumbled across:


Space Transport Tycoon

August 25th, 2014 @ 11:09
Tags: ludum dare, space transport tycoon, html5, threejs, javascript

And the game is done as of last night. I think this one went well, considering Justin didn't stop playing it for 4 hours after we finished.

It's a space economy simulation game. You the player must build a network of trading routes to move materials to factories and consumers.

Play in your browser!

Space Transport Tycoon

Space Transport Tycoon screenshot


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